How to add a custom tool for authentication to Zaraz Consent?

For my SPA, I have Zaraz Consent working for Google Analytics.
But now I need to add a Custom tool and I don’t understand how to do that.

For authentication I have an OAuth system that sets cookies. This should be listed in the Zaraz consent modal. If a user denies these cookies they should be unable to log in and should also be unable to access part of our site as a visitor.

We also use a Firebase database that sets cookies. Without accepting these cookies, a user should not be able to visit a certain section of our site.

I do not understand how to add these custom tools or what I’m supposed to do in this situation.

Hey @martin.klein

But now I need to add a Custom tool and I don’t understand how to do that.

I am not sure if I understand your issue. What kind of ‘custom tool’ are you talking about? What action you wish to take with Zaraz?

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Thanks @yair-dovrat , yeah it’s really my basic lack of understanding what the desired behaviour is.

So we use an OAuth authentication system that uses cookies. We want Zaraz:

  1. To list this fact in the Zaraz pop-up.
  2. Force users to accept this cookie (Required cookies) while still being able to accept or decline of Analytics cookies.

Right now, I have the Analytics cookies working. But I have no idea how, with Zaraz, I can add the Authentication system to the list in the Zaraz pop-up and make it so that users have to accept these cookies to continue using our site.

There’s no concept of “forced accept” in the consent module. The purposes with checkboxes are only for things that Zaraz can block or allow based on the users’ choices - where the choices have impact on behavior of the worker.

The best place to add custom information to the Consent Modal is the “Consent modal text” textarea in Consent settings. It supports HTML and CSS, so you can add the information about the cookie in whichever form you desire.

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