How to activate WEBP images cloudflare/prestashop


How do I activate WEBP images with my CLOUDFLARE / PRESTASHOP.
I see that POLISH supply API keys, but where do I need to supply them or make it works under prestashop

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Polish does not require API keys. If you’re on a Paid Plan, you can enable Polish with the WebP option, and it should work automatically.


I have activated POLISH with WEBP options.
But it does not work, I do have a PAID CLOUDFLARE licence (20 USD per month)
It seems I havd to use : Cloudflare Images, activate the “pay as you go option” or pay 5 USD per month, can you please confirm it is what I need to activate

You don’t need the Images feature. Just Polish.

If it’s not working, please post the site URL you have it active on.

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