How to activate WAF?

I have added a really simple firewall rule for testing, on the Security - Firewall rules page. The rule is below and the Action is Block, but I can still visit the host listed in the rule. Am I missing something obvious? I waited a bit to see if there is a delay in the rule becoming active. Thanks

( eq "")

I forgot to say, the domain and subdomain both have proxying enabled in Cloudflare


To say anything more accurate, we should have more details.

Anyway, a Block action, it’s always the last action taken.

Check if the IP that you are testing it’s allowed in the IP Access Rules or any another rules using the IP Lists to Bypass or Allow

Check here:

If any further assistance needed, share more details or ticket number!

Take care!

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Thanks for the reply, following your suggestion I discovered a rule under " IP Access Rules" for the IP address of my office which was allowing all traffic from my IP!


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