How to activate cloudflare for SaaS

According to the Cloudflare pricing page, Free account holders can use the ‘Cloudflare for SaaS’ feature for $2/month/domain.

According to the getting started guide, you need to go to the SSL/TLS → Custom Hostnames page in the dashboard to enable custom hostnames.

When I do that I see a message stating “Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable SSL for SaaS”

During a limited chat with support (as a free plan user I don’t have access to any support channel other than this board) I was told that I don’t have a customer success manager.

Has anyone else managed to use the custom hostnames / cloudflare for SaaS feature as part of a free plan?


Hi @witt,

Do you have a paid plan domain in the same account? I see the text about contacting your Customer Success Manager on Free zones in an account with paid (including Enterprise) zones. In a different account with only free plans, I see this:

Thanks for the quick reply! I don’t have a paid plan domain in this (or any other cloudflare account.) I do pay $5/month for “Automatic Platform Optimization for Wordpress”, but that’s an add-on to the free plan I have. My invoice says “Cloudflare Free Plan Automatic Platform Optimization”

Here’s what my dashboard looks like:

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Interesting. That’s the same screen as I see on the free zones in an Enterprise account, which is odd.

Do you have a ticket number with Cloudflare Support?

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I did send an email to support. They opened Ticket #2339222, but then sent a generic reply and closed it since as a free plan user I don’t have access to email support.

Thanks, I’ll escalate that ticket for the attention of the support team to see what is going on here.

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Great, thank you!!

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I did check your account and looks like your domain is managed by Cloudflare Partner/Reseller. You will have to reach out to them for enabling the feature for you.


Hello Anjana,

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure what that means. I haven’t contracted with any third parties to install or set up cloudflare on my domain.

I do have the cloudflare wordpress plugin installed on my site, with Automatic Platform Optimization activated. Could that be the cause? If I disable that plugin temporarily will I be able to activate the SaaS feature?

Thank you.

Who is your current hosting provider? They may be a Cloudflare partner.

Yep, that’s it, I have cloudflare enabled through my hosting provider (Dreamhost). I’ll contact them and see if they can help. Thank you.

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I heard back from Dreamhost, and they described how I can disable cloudflare through their service so that I can use it directly through cloudflare itself.

The Dreamhost tech said:

Checking the documentation you have shared, setting up SaaS requires
adding DNS records through the Cloudflare panel which is only supported
in paid Cloudflare plans that require using the Cloudflare NS records.
The basic free Cloudflare plan through your DreamHost account does not
use the Cloudflare NS records, instead, a CNAME for WWW is created to
provide the CDN features.

Does that mean that I’ll need to switch my name servers from Dreamhost (which I’m currently using) to cloudflare? I don’t see that explicitly mentioned in the docs, but perhaps it’s implied.

Thank you,

Hi @witt,

Yes, I believe you will need to use Cloudflare nameservers in order to use SaaS, so you will need to switch away from DeamHost’s partner setup to a full DNS setup with Cloudflare.

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