How to activate cloudflare and configure SSL free

Hi guys, I’m new to Cloudflare and for this reason I need help.
I have a server at (formerly known as 1and1).
I use plesk and I have installed the extension “Cloudflare” for plesk.

Is this enough or do I need to change the nameservers?
I have read the following guide and it seems that it is not necessary to change the name servers if my hosting is “partner” of them. How do I know if my hosting is a Cloudflare partner?


Also, I need to have my website with SSL. How does SSL work with Cloudflare? Do I install it normally and then activate Cloudflare or do I have to pay a premium plan for my site to have SSL?

Normally all the sites that I have on my server use Let’s encrypt

Currently I did not put SSL (Let’s encrypt) to my website and it is activated from the Cloudflare extension in Plesk, however, Cloudflare does not seem to work. Can you please help me?

You add your domain and change the nameservers to those provided by Cloudflare during the sign up. Just make sure Cloudflare imports all your DNS entries and if it does not, add them manually. Also, watch out that only proxyable entries are proxied, meaning only web related entries should be :orange:, everything else (e.g. mail) should be :grey:. Though also keep in mind, everything not proxied will reveal your IP address. If that is of concern you will need to put the non-proxyable services on another IP address.

Last but not least, SSL. Yes, you still need a certificate on your server. Also make sure your SSL mode on Cloudflare is Full strict or - less preferably - Full (if you dont have a publicly valid certificate) and never Flexible.

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Thanks for your answer.

Then, I have to install my SSL certificate how I normally do it, but after activating Cloudflare I must go to the control panel and activate SSL “FULL STRICT”. Is it totally free?

In Plesk I installed “servershield by Cloudflare”, it seems that its free version allows you to configure 1 domain by “customer”, however, I can not configure two accounts or more. I can not find the option to let me use more than one account. You can help?.

Another problem I have is that for various reasons I had to delete the site and recreate it. When I set up Cloudflare I do not see the Cloudflare cache.

I use Plesk, but refuse to use external plugins to configure Cloudflare. You’re much better off manually configuring your site on Cloudflare itself.