How to achive geo dynamic redirect

What I done now is redirect to
But I found a problem if US client access the URL like will redirect to
My question is how to substring the /{geo} , my current dynamic expression is concat(“https://”,,“/”,lower(,http.request.uri.path)

Assuming it’s a one-pager, where visitors from the US go to /us, while visitors from the UK are sent to /uk and no other paths are available, you could just remove the http.request.uri.path from your expression:

concat("", lower(

But if you do have many paths that you’d want to redirect to region-specific versions, so that / is sent to /us, and /help is sent to /us/help etc., then you could edit the "When incoming requests match’ expression so that it excludes other geo-location prefixes: eq "US" and not http.request.uri.path in {/uk /dn /pt etc..}

Obs: is being deprecated, and you should use instead

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