How to access live chat option?

My new site is down with the domain. I have been finding the live chat option after logging into my Cloudflare account, but I didn’t find it anywhere.
Please send me the live chat link so I can fix my site.


Live chat is available on the Business and Enterprise plans and you can access it via the support portal in your dashboard or the chat icon bottom right.

What plan are you on?

Are you getting a timeout error, 522? Post the error number like 522 or message to be linked to a #CommunityTip to self-service answers (that’s how 90% of visitors to this site fix their issues). If a different error or message, just enter that as well, 524, 526, 1020 et al.

If there is no link that appears or nothing shows up after a quick :search:, knowing 1) the error number, 20 what you’ve done to fix it, 30 what happened/changes you made just before you started to see the error are valuable details that help you a lot faster.

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