How to access DNS

I am trying to access our DNS to modify the A records to point to our new hosting provider.
When I look at our Whois record, it lists Cloudflare as owning the nameservers.
However, it shows GoDaddy as the Registrar, Google as the Reseller, and Domains by Proxy as the Registrant,

If I talk to GoDaddy or Google, they tell me that Cloudflare hosts the nameservers, ask them.
No one involved with the website seems to know anything about Cloudflare or how to access the DNS.
The company owns the domain, our current hosting provider bills us to support our website, and Cloudflare points to that IP address, but we have no way to access the DNS to alter it.

Can someone on this board please tell me who we need to speak with at Cloudflare to get access?

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For both security and privacy reasons, you won’t be given access to an account where you do not control the login user. Your first option is to see if you can recover the account. If that does not succeed, you will need to move your domain to a new Cloudflare account. If you move the account, you will need to recreate any DNS records and custom configurations.

Cloudflare Help Center
Login and account issues is right. If you don’t know or don’t have access to the email address for the account, you’ll need to move the domain to another Cloudflare account. If you know the accounts email but are having troubles logging in please create a ticket here -

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