How To Access DNS / Zone Editor?

Trying to verify my domain on Google Search Console where Google requires me to follow these steps to enter this code into who manages my DNS/nameserver settings (which is CloudFlare).

Where in my CloudFlare account do I navigate in order to accomplish this? Thank you.

You can access the DNS dashboard here:

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Greatly appreciated…see screenshot. I am in there however, where to click (what line?) to access and enter code for DNS / Zone Editor?

Add record

Thank you. I may have a follow-up question (really appreciated the help) . . .

Want to make sure I am doing this right. Note that roughly at 6:00 in this video tutorial, he mentiones an area called ‘Text Value Field’…in my screenshot here, is this called the ‘Name’ box where @ symbol appears and this is where I paste my Googlke verification code? Do I leave @ symbol in there? And click SAVE?

Name should be “@”, the Content field should contain your the text you received from Google that looks like google-site-verification=someverylongrandomstringofstuff

OK, just to be sure…I am including a screenshot…NOW, do I click “Save”? Want to be certain before I proceed. Thank you for any input
Screenshot below

The name field should contain just @

The content field should contain the google-site-verification=...MZY bit, all on one line, and only the elements Google gave you.

Them click save.

Thank you. Superb assistance…I did that (and glad I did ask in advance) and the following page popped after I clicked “Save”…am I now able to verify all future blog posts I publish now? I mean in my Google Webmaster Tools page? I assume so.
Screen grab below

I have been trying to submit a blog post to Google for indexing but it says the url is not in property…what can you suggest?

I still cannot verify any blog posts I submit using the Google Webmaser Tools URL submission tool. I did use the steps mentioned above, in CloudFlare’s DNS tool…is the tool working properly though? Is there any reason as to why I followed the steps properly and blog posts are not verifying, that CloudFlare’s DNS zone editor is not functioning or do I need to do some other tweak?

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