How to access an old cloudflare account

I signed up for cloudflare over a decade ago; recently our server breathed its last (windoze 2008) and I had to scramble to set up a new server hosting all that old stuff. Anyway I have no idea what email we used back then with cloudflare so I set up a new cloudflare account. Now it turns out many browsers are caching the old cloudflare stuff greg and leah nameservers, and saying our sites are down (for over 10 days now). Any browser which never visited the sites before have no problem finding the new DNS entries over on greg and gemma. Is there anyway I can regain control of my old cloudflare account without knowing the email we used back then? Of course I have control of all the domains we used. Our user community is starting to get ticked with me.

Not really. You best set up the domain on your new Cloudflare account.

I did that 2 weeks ago (set up a new cloudflare account).

Yeah I did that 2 weeks ago.
I have an idea, on the old account I had both ipv4 and ipv6 entries; the new cloudflare account has only ipv4 entries (as there was no ipv6 given by my hosting company when I transitioned over to a newer server). I’ll purchase a static ipv6 and add an AAAA record to the cloudflare account I made 2 weeks ago. I’m thinking maybe the browsers are prioritizing / caching the old ipv6 data from cloudflare servers since there was no new ipv6 records to stomp over the old data?

In that case we wouldnt need to discuss the old account any more :slight_smile:

Whats the domain and which nameservers does the new account have assigned?

Though, if you say it is mostly a caching issue, there is little you can do about that as that is a local issue on your visitors’ machines. All you can do is suggest to purge DNS and browser caches.

OK maybe I’m not explaining this well.
The new account has not stomped out the old account since many users are still hitting the old nameservers at cloudflare. So if I could just nuke those entries or have access to them this would fix the problem. Purging the browser cache doesn’t fix this (on chrome) - surprisingly. Even if it did, I have no way to inform the users who don’t ask me why its happening to them as they can’t see the site.
I have to have access to the old nameserver entries or somehow get cloudflare to stop sending them out there. I’d rather not post my domain here, is there a way to PM you?

That is unlikely. Also, you cant have two different sets of nameservers, unless there is a propagation issue but that’s a different issue then.

If the domain is properly configured on the new account, the old account can’t manage it anymore and any settings won’t be applicable either.

If you dont want to post the domain publicly, you can check it at and then post the exact time when you ran that check.