How to access an account without credentials

Google is having issues indexing our site which is built in Shopify. When testing URLs in Search Console’s inspect URL tool, we’re getting a ‘Failed: DNS server unresponsive’ and ‘Page cannot be indexed: Not available due to a site-wide issue’. We believe the Cloudflare setup is blocking googlebot and this is stopping the site from getting indexed. So the Cloudflare/DNS settings need to be reviewed in order to make sure Googlebot isn’t blocked. However, we do not know who set up the Cloudflare credentials details for this site and I’m not sure who can check this for us? Thanks

The only way you’ll be able to regain access is by having access to the email address of the account.

These links may help, but they only work when logged out

If you know the email:
If you know the email and have 2FA issues:
If you don’t know the email:

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