How to access account & verify if site is here

A client who owns coachmediateconsult dot com didn’t know how to access her website. According to Hosting Lookup it is with CF. She is very non-tech. Can someone possibly confirm that domain has a website hosted here at CF? Assuming so, how she can regain access. Her name is Karen Bonnell and her old email was her first name and that domain. Which may or may not even work.

I have a CF account but it’s not in use. She doesn’t know but she may have one. So that’d be a helpful step for her IF her site is actually here. I didn’t think CF hosting, only did caching but clearly I don’t know much!

I hope you can help me so I can help her. Thanks.

Please note that Cloudflare is not a hosting company.

Cloudflare protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of the Cloudflare community, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global network.

Have her use the forgot email form to try to regain access to her Cloudflare account.

Thanks for responding. I actually thought that was the case that CF is not hosting. However when I do a WhoIs here’s what it says: Name Servers
AUSTIN.NS. CLOUDFLARE. COM (has 25,545,108 domains)
WALLY.NS. CLOUDFLARE. COM (has 25,545,108 domains)

Is there any way to do a track back to see where the physical files are hosted?

Client’s old email is dead so she can’t just do a p/w reset to regain access to her CF account.

No easy way, cloudflare can only work with the account holder directly. Some site will tell you old IPs or nameservers - you have to login to see history of the IP for a given domain, from that you can use another tool to find who owns the IP, IP WHOIS Lookup. Easier method is to figure out who she is paying to host her site. That is where you’ll find the files.

There are exceptions (Cloudflare Pages ) but not in this case.

If she cannot, she is best to add it to an account she can control and change the namerservers at the registrar.

The bottom of her site includes the site designer, who apparently includes hosting services:

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I appreciate your sleuthing but you didn’t connect that I said it was MY client and that my name is SHEILA. That link is to me. And I cannot get into her account, nor can she. I can get into my own CF account but her domain is not there. We both thought we’d let this domain and hosting go and were surprised to see it still active after nearly a year. I’m afraid all we can do at this point is home there’s not a valid credit card and that it’ll expire on its own. There doesn’t seem to be another way back into it. Crazy.

Is it possible that what is being seen is just a cache and not the actual site?

IP address history shows that site was on Amazon last time it was checked.

That IP put into a browser points to these…

Querying that IP for the hostname says it isn’t hosted there unfortunately (unless it still is and the IP has changed).

As @cloonan says, is the customer paying anyone for the hosting (on their credit card statement if they can’t remember?)

Can you use the contact from on this page, if that sends an email to your customer, to see if the host IP comes through in the mail headers when submitted?

Maybe a CNAME is needed to access…

dig 60 IN A

Still says site isn’t hosted there though.

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You’re amazing. I host all my other clients at SiteDistrict and this client’s NEW site is there. But the old one we thought we removed. And their owner, Matt, says it’s not there as well. He was also trying to assist us.

I completed her contact form and we’ll see if she gets it and if so if it holds any intel. Unless I set it up using her Gmail account it will likely just bounce since that domain’s email already bounces.

Meanwhile, I had already asked her about her credit card charges. She can’t find any and doesn’t think she’s paying anything. In which case hopefully it’ll just die a natural death. PITA.

If you are not bothered about the site files, just taking control of the domain for a new site in Cloudflare (assuming you can access the registrar account to change the nameservers) is just as @cloonan said. Just add it to your (or your clients new) Cloudflare account and you will get new nameservers to set. Set the nameservers on the registrar and you can then set DNS for it in your/client’s new account.

With no hostname, even if the old site files exist on someone’s hosting, nothing will point at them so they will disappear from public view. The host will probably delete in due course if the hosting isn’t paid for.

Right…however neither of us have access to the registrar EITHER! I’ve been doing this more than 15 years and have never had a problem like this. If we could repoint the DNS I wouldn’t care about the site files. sigh…

The domain was registered in March of this year. So if you let the domain expire, it seems that someone else has bought it since.

Registered On:
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How odd, a domain expires but then ends up being purchased and (re-)pointed at the correct nameservers to show the original client’s (now lost) hosting?

The internet archive shows the content hasn’t changed in years and the headers show
last-modified: Thu, 03 Feb 2022 05:57:50 GMT so it seems to be the original content.

Strange. Weird the client has no knowledge or memory of anything.

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That has actually happened to quite a few people recently: Maybe some kind of phishing attempt?

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Well I suppose it’s comforting to know it’s not just us. But I’m not hearing any solution to this.

We were successful in getting the outdated content removed a domain we previously owned but no longer controlled by filing a DMCA copyright infringement takedown request.

Rather than the outdated content, now the domain loads a blank white screen. It’s not quite ideal but it’s better than what we had before.

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