How to accelerate for mainland China?

My website is on a server in Hong Kong and does not have a mainland China filing, so I cannot use the mainland CDN.
My website is now using CloudFlare’s free service, but after using CF’s free service, it is very slow to access in mainland China and almost hard to open.
I would like to ask how to optimize the speed for mainland China?
If I need to pay, it is acceptable if it is not too expensive.
Unable to use mainland China CDN, CF’s partner Baidu CloudFlare can’t be used.

Translated with (free version)

In order to use Cloudflares China network you need to be an Enterprise customer, and have an ICP license.


Without ICP filing, visitors’ traffic will be routed to the United States. Hence the bad webpage experience for visitors inside mainland China.

如果没有 ICP 证书,网页访客的请求将会绕去美国的其中一个伺服器。


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