How to a redirect A record to a new IP (Bluehost)

After changing nameservers Bluehost is asking me to redirect my A record to a new IP given my them. Please guide me to do this on Cloudflare website.

Check the DNS tab for your domain at You should see your current “A” records with the old IP address. Click on that address and replace it with the new one.

Hi, There are 12 A type rows. Do i have to edit all 12 of them and change the IP in all of them?

If all 12 are the same old IP address, then yes. It’s always a good idea to take a screenshot of the current records first, though.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Is there anything else apart from the number which I have to change?
After changing the IPs in all 12 rows what is the next step?

One A type row has a different IP number then the other 11. Its Proxy Status is ‘DNS only-local IP’ Please guide. Should i change its IPv4 address as well?

No, leave that one. Just change the old IP.

Once you’ve changed them all, you should be good. The site should function fine and have no issues.

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