How super bot fight mode effect ads?

Hello, I have blocked [definitely bots] in super bot fight mode.
Will it effect Adsense ads in any way?

In general everybody from the community will advise you not to block on any of the super bot fight modes, it is prone to false positives and can affect negatively your site by breaking features. Use it on simulate to collect overall statistics.
If bot fight mode is a major concern to you, then it will most likely need tunning, for which you need the enterprise package.
Any decent bot protection will be costly, if you don’t have enough budget for the enterprise package but require bot protection, consider hiring a third party that can work well along with Cloudflare.
Not promoting in any way but I think that PerimeterX can do this, you can check its competitors and see if any suits your needs.
Thus being said, note that any decent bot protection is in the order of thousands per month, cheap bot protections are likely to provide a placebo effect.

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Thanks for help.
One more issue, does challanging bots will block Paypal IPNs?
I use a plugin which works on PayPal IPN calls.

That is likely going to give issues. Consider whitelisting from challenges the path that your backend consumes

Does these IPN calls have ips so that I can whitelist them?

You will have to check Paypal for that. Overall, the odds of somebody targeting those endpoints are extremely small because they shouldn’t even be public in the first place (unknown to the general public).

With the current implementation, you can’t bypass SBFM, even if you add IP/ASN to allow lists.

It will block PayPal. It will block RSS readers, API clients and integrations. It will not impact AdSense but it will likely impact traffic to your site - if content can’t be found there will be no traffic.

We have found it best to disable all bot fighting modes because we think that it’s the reason why we were getting many false positives from Google in Mobile Usability. The moment that we disabled all of the firewall and bot fighting modes, we stopped getting random usability failures.

I have set it to allow. Will it be fine now?

Yes. You can either create an IP list and use it in your custom firewall rules, or use these IP directly in the firewall rules - up to you. I’ve gone the IP list way:

Automated traffic won’t be blocked now so you will be ok.

thanks a lot.
pls also help with How to deal with Invalid Traffic?

I will write something later.

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