How should I pay for my Pro plan?

I log to my Page/Account
Now it’s free
I go to the Plans

Chose Pro
Click on Get Started and…
That click returns me to my Page/Account

What am I doing wrong and what should I do to get the Pro Plan?

May be I have to proviode my Billing information (beforehand} and the Credit card details at the Payment info psge?

Never met with such a stupid situation when you can not understand how to pay

Help, please!

Hi @radiotrekrvua,

Sorry about the issue. If you go to the domain that you want to upgrade in your dashboard, in the lower right, you see this:
Click ‘Change’ and you can select the plan you want to upgrade to and add payment info there.


Thank you very much Domjh
At least I found out how to pay
Even tried to mamake the payement
Yeyt in the end I did not get it whether the payment has gone through
Anyway thank you very much once again

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Method not allowed

For some reason I cannot make the payment yet

What method did you try to add? Credit/Debit card or PayPal are accepted, I believe.

If paypal for a subscription, a credit card needs to be attached.

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