How set a subdomain in mode I'm under attack?

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what is the step by step to configure a subdomain in mode i’m under attack? I put a page rule and in the firewall but it doesn’t work for me

somebody can help me?


I’m not sure what’s not working, as you didn’t specify. But a Firewall Rule where Hostname EQUALS with a response to JS Challenge is pretty much the equivalent of Under Attack Mode. One final tweak would be to add a NOT Known Bots so the good bots can still crawl the site.

the rule creates it this way but I don’t know why it doesn’t work

Try to modify it a bit and remove the part https:// at the beginning and the part / at the end, so it is only in the input field. Save changes and wait for a minute or two so Firewall Rules would apply them.

If so, a Page Rule executes before a Firewall Rule and it should apply and work if the sub hostname (DNS record at the DNS tab) is set to proxied :orange:

Therefore after you shared a screenshot of your Firewall Rule, in terms of a Page Rule may I ask have you added it like* to match every request made under that and enabled the option Security Level: I'am under an attack! in a Page Rule, or rather someway different?

See below example:

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I’m going to try it, that takes a few minutes right?

It should take effect immediately.

Your domain isn’t using Cloudflare. It’s using GoDaddy name servers and points to a Columbian web host.


I understand, so I must change the names of servers in godaddy

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I will do it later that there is not so much flow of activity in the sites, thanks sdayman

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Hello everyone, the mode under attack is now working, thank you very much

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