How safe is email forwarding?

My question is how safe is email forwarding in Cloudflare, namecheap or other companies.
If it is safe why would people pay extra money for email hosting?

What do you mean by “safe”

Cloudflare email forwarding still requires that you have email hosting somewhere (even if it is a free Hotmail account). And why people pay depends on what their particular requirements are.

In my day job, I pay so that my users can have safe and reliable access to a mail service, and I get access to a large range of compliance and security features. (And I don’t have to run a farm of email servers any more!). The SLA on a free service is likely to match the price (i.e. zero).

In my personal life, I use both free and paid services. The former because it is free, the latter because I am paranoid that the NSA are out to get me (and I do not like to be monetised by the surveillance capitalist industry).

Cloudflare email forwarding is especially useful where you want a vanity email address but you use an unbranded free service (like Hotmail/Gmail), or you have to pay extra for each vanity domain (such as with ProtonMail).

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