How safe are images from storage failure/deletion?

I’m wondering how safe images are from any kind of storage failure or deletion by a malicious attacker? Are images stored in multiple copies on separate physical storage?

Someone already asked if there are any “backups” for images, and the answer from Cloudflare was “no”. So I’m curious how safe my images are at Cloduflare? Should I keep a private backup somewhere else in case of hardware failure or malicious attacks?

You can expect 99.999999999% (eleven 9s) of annual durability. In other words, if you store 1,000,000 images, then you can expect to lose one every 100,000 years. This is the same durability guarantee as R2 and other major cloud providers.

While we don’t keep “backups,” we’re resistant to regional failures and replicate our object store multiple times for high availability.

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