How remove Microsoft 365 DNS records?

My settings originally set up couple of years ago with CloudFlare to use my own domain mail server and emails were working fine, until yesterday that I decided to try switching to Microsoft 365 as test only and as a result all the CNAME, MX, A, TXT records automatically change to route my email to Microsoft Exchange address and I lost the original records so I cannot revert back.

What records value I should set up on CloudFlare to remove the Microsoft 365 value and reinstate my emails and website to use my own domain and mail server ?

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Hi @bectecs,

What’s the domain? You could check if has any historical DNS records saved for your domain - otherwise I’m afraid there’s not much you can do to recover them, you’ll just have to set it up from scratch.


I checked via website you mentioned but it only shows the current setup/value, not a week old values I am looking for, any idea if I can find them?

Hi @bectecs,

The Cloudflare Audit Log should show when you made the changes, along with both the old and new values.


Hi @albert

The domain is, checked the website you suggested but it only shows the current value which is no use, any idea how I get a week old values?

You can view your audit log by going to the dashboard and clicking “Audit Log” in the gray bar. The audit log contains details about recent operations made to your account resources, including DNS records.

An example :

It will show you the old and new record values.

Otherwise, go to your current mail provider account page and see what values you need.

SecurityTrails has a free account that will give you more data. (It is limited in how much you can use it a day, but you will not see that limit). There are other similar services online. But the Audit Log is the most reliable way to get the old data.

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