How regain control of nameservers after removing domain from cloudflare?

I’ve removed a domain from cloudflare. When I go to hosting to change nameservers, they are still locked into cloudflare. How can I regain control of nameservers?

Unless the domain was registered through Cloudflare, Cloudflare isn’t involved at this stage. You’ll need to work with your registrar to update the nameservers, many offer a domain lock (which you can often control directly through their interface).

Typically it is better to not terminate your old hosting (Cloudflare, in this case, since it sits in front of another host) as you may experience downtime.

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I suspect that meant your DNS hosting, as your site is still physically hosted at a web host (not Cloudflare).

Cloudflare, in this case, since it sits in front of another host.

DNS isn’t the only thing that will break here, even after the nameservers are changed, due to caching.

Cloudflare isn’t hosting the underlying content, but it is hosting critical components (starting with DNS).

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Argh. So much I don’t understand. I had a free cloudflare certificate installed at my host. It didn’t work, so I wanted to remove it. Directions for changing the proxy from orange back to grey didn’t apply to my dashboard. I assumed they applied only to paid accounts. The only piece of the instructions I found that would work were to remove the account, so I did. Returned to my original host. Removed the lock. Still can’t change the nameservers. Pretty frustrating. To make things more interesting, my site has reappeared even while my nameservers are still locked to cloudflare. This seems weird to me, but not bad. Thanks to another discussion I had with sdayman I’m in the midst of migrating my sites to a new host, with free SSL, so won’t need cloudflare any more. Will that be the miracle cure that makes the problem just disappear :rofl:

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Although my site is now visible, the nameservers are now locked to cloudflare even though the site is not active on cloudflare. Hummm . . . That seems wrong. I’m in the process of moving to another host. I sure hope they will know how to disable those cloudflare nameservers.

Your domain registrar (Tucows or one of their resellers) says you’re in the process of transferring your domain’s registration.
Domain Status: pendingTransfer

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