How redirect https to http when cloudflare is off?

Hello there!

Few weeks ago I was forced to switch off Cloudflare for my domain and use only it for DNS because my users from Russia sometimes can’t connect to it. Problem was in Cloudflare IPs blocked in Russia.

Now my website uses http protocol and users witch go to https://… can’t access my website.

How I can redirect them to http://…

Page rules don’t work because Cloudflare off (

What can I do on server, it’s on NGINX?

Thank you

This forum is for Cloudflare related questions about their products and settings. This question was already asked thousands of times on the internet. Explaining it here would only increase redundancy :wink:

Sorry but I asked here after all researches. I ask about “Clodflare solution”.

I’m not good in server side. If you can help me with ngnix config file it will be grate.

In that case you need to move your domain first to Cloudflare.

I’m on cloudflare but “Orange Cloud” is of

Then you need to turn it on again, otherwise page rules wont fire. Right now it would go to your server and you would need to implement the redirect there. That is what @MarkMeyer hinted at.

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Okey I understood it but can you help me in this situation or tell me how can I improve situation with IPs blocked in russia?

P.S. and I whant to say that when I used Cloudflare SSL I don’t have SSL Certificate andwithout it I can’t make redirect on server side. If you know any way or have link for it please tell me.

@MarkMeyer already posted a link. That is a question solely related to your server configuration.

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@sandro sorry but no. I ask about server without SSL certificate and @MarkMeyer tell about redirect with it

That was your original question, you didnt mention a certificate.

Of course you will need a certificate on your server, if you want to redirect away from HTTPS. For that you will - ehm - need a certificate on your server. Go to and get one.

But as @MarkMeyer already said, that is quite beyond the scope of the forum here I am afraid.

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Thank you @sandro ))

But I told that it was SSL by Cloudflare and I think it’s enough to understand that it was Cloudflare’s certificate ))

Thank you again )

The certificates on Cloudflare only work for the proxies and only when you proxy. You will need your own certificate anyhow and particularly of course if you are not proxying any longer.

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