How proxy all content except for some IPs

Is there anyway to proxy all content except from a specific IP or subdomain ?
Usually I upload content from a subdomain ( and I don’t wanna exceed the bandwidth ) . So I would like to exclude the subdomain from connecting each other thou CF proxy .

Is that possible ?

Due to the way DNS works, you can’t unproxy content only for some IPs, but you can do it per-subdomain. Your best path to doing what you’d like is to create a new unproxied subdomain with a hard-to-guess subdomain/name, eg “”. This should generally make the subdomain undiscoverable by attackers trying to find your origin IP.

I think I have managed to make it work differently , but I’m not sure if this brings some vulnerability .
I just added to both my server on /etc/hosts the origin IP pointing to the main domain name , and it’s ignoring the proxy .

Anyway could give a feedback if this is right to do ?

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