How often is the cache updated?

I made changes on the site side, in CSS files - JS. Resetting the browser cache does not help. The question arose, is it possible to somehow manage the cache on the Cloudflare side, or how many hours should it take for the cache to be updated in Cloudflare?

Thank you.

There is two types of cache generally, edge cache (cache on Cloudflare’s edge), and browser cache.

Assets are in edge cache as long as you specify, either by cache control/expire headers or by page rules/origin rules which can overwrite edge ttl (time to live). There are other requirements for an asset to be cached as well: Default Cache Behavior · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs

On Free plan, you can purge the edge cache for your entire zone (website), or selectively by URL:

You can purge cache for your entire zone/website in your Cloudflare dashboard, under Caching → Configuration, magic link:


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