How not to use an IP in DNS Proxy for a country

Cloudflare IP [] is blocked in Iran while others like [,,] are working. when we are setting Cloudflare dns proxy for a domain, can we set it in a way that it doesn’t use this blocked ip?

You cannot choose the proxy IP. When your domain is proxied by Cloudflare, it is assigned an IP address from a shared pool in the Cloudflare network. As discussed in more detail in the below-linked blog post, a government or ISP’s decision to block one of those IP addresses is likely to have unintended and disproportionate effects on non-targeted sites.

Those disproportionate effects are typically inconsistent with legal requirements. If you believe your site to be unintentionally blocked by an ISP, it is recommended that you reach out directly to the ISP of the affected users to ensure they are aware of the collateral consequences of the block so that it can be addressed.

Please continue to report any incidents to Cloudflare on this forum, as Cloudflare is working on initiatives to bring attention to and help address incidents of overblocking.

With that said, each zone plan (Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise) has a different pool of IP address, so up- or downgrading your zone plan will assign new IP addresses to your zone. These IP addresses may or may not blocked, but there is no guarantee. Similarly, enabling Argo Smart Routing will also change the IP addresses assigned to your domain.

Thanks for your answer, it was thorough and helpful. :+1:

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