How much would the renewal price of my domain name be with Cloudflare's Registrar?

Currently, my domain name ( is registered with Godaddy. The renewal price (according to them) will be $19.46AUD.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I think this is above the average price of renewal for a .xyz domain.

I’m wondering whether I should transfer my domain over to Cloudflare - would the renewal cost be cheaper? According to Cloudflare, the transfer fee is about $8 (I’m assuming this is Australian dollars) and I get the domain for an extra year (so it expires in 2022).

How much would the subsequent renewal fees be? (e.g. extending the domain for 1 year from 2022 to 2023) What’s the exact cost? Is it cheaper than $19.46?

Thanks in advance.

That’s in US Dollars, and it will add a year to your current expiration date.


How about renewal fees after that?

Same every year. I have a .xyz here, and it’s $8.18/year.


Thank you! Thats about $10.50AU so I’ll probably be switching over then.


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