How much time take to speed blog

Hi i have enabled Cloudflare CDN for m blog “” yesterday but after enabling my blog showing Active in cloud flare but when test blog speeds its dropped. i was getting 75+ before cloud flare but now getting only 55-58 in gtmatix and pingdom as well.

Please tell how much time it takes to caching the blog to improve speed.

To me it looks like your server response time is slow. Are you on shared hosting?
Also are the DNS clouds set to orange so that content is served from the Cloudflare cache? I cant see any resources being served from Cloudflare when I run a GTMetrix test.
Try using RocketLoader and minification on Cloudflare speed settings, and have a look at setting the browser cache expiration to 1 month as well. Looks like your running Wordpress. If the above doesn’t help, perhaps use W3 Total Cache or Autoptimize to cache your content locally.
Perhaps also try get some better hosting

you cant just look at the final score…
you need to check exactly what decrease and by how much, what are the total loading time before and after? from which country? etc etc

GTM wouldn’t be able to know that anyway. The domain name serving the content is still your own.

It depend on the traffic hitting that particular node. You may have to test many times in order for the files to be cached.

Also check out

It’s now giving me 503 errors due to technical o capacity problems. The server is the issue here.

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