How much impact takes graying out domain?

We got PrestaShop and price updating scripts that runs more than 100 seconds. Looks like I’ll be difficult to modify them to give answer to serwer faster.

PrestaShop seems also not allowing run admin on subdomain, we found solution only for cron scripts that is also not the case here.

How much impact takes graying out domain for ex. 30 minutes to temporary allows script to work and coming back to use all cloudflare advantages, cache, speed etc?

Does any of the generated cache is lost, how it could negatively affect advantages of cloudflare if I’ll do such 2x times for week?

Switching to :grey: or :orange: takes as long as 5 minutes to take effect.

My suggestion would be to use a local hosts file so the admin is not going through Cloudflare. Your local hosts file on your computer will have the IP address of your server. Hopefully there aren’t many admins for your site.

Thank you, it worked! Uff, so many topics reviewed, and solution were so easy :slight_smile:

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