How much does individual IP addresses cost?

The government of Ukraine blocks some IP addresses belonging to Cloudflare :frowning:

Is there a blacklist? Can I use this IP address on my domain’s “stoplist”?

Can I opt out of IP address rotation?

Except for Enterprise plans, Cloudflare assigns addresses randomly. The only way for you to change an address is to set up your domain on a new account, but you won’t have a guarantee that address won’t be blocked either or that it won’t change again to a blocked one.

Alternatively you could only unproxy your records, but that will effectively deactivate Cloudflare of course.


Upgrading to another plan should also put you in a different address pool. As higher the plan as more unlikely the abuse for IPs is, but yeah, we can’t guarantee that the IPs are free from any blocks. I’d recommend to reach out to whom is blocking them and double checking if they can lift their restrictions

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