How much cost one can save if he integrate Cloudflare with Amazon S3 for Video Streaming backend?


Is it true that if we use clouflare with blaze , then only I have to pay for storage and API calls only ?


You’d have to check with Backblaze on that.


I added one firewall rule: If Hostname equals AND URI Path does not contain MYBUCKET, then Block. Tested and it works.


Sorry . what do you mean by “pretty slick” ?
(English is our second language only)


Pretty cool. Neat. Slick = low friction.

I wish I could find sufficient use for this feature. I don’t have anything that would exceed my current data transfer limits.


Thanks all . You community people are very much helpful.

Happy . Get back to you soon


You could possibly use a Worker to solve this, simply adding the files/bucket/ part of the path there. 10M req/5$ a month it’s not bad either.


Have you considered using a hosting provider that is part of cloudflares bandwith Alliance?

That way or atleast with my host (Vultr) who is part of the alliance you can upload your files to your VPS and all transfer between your vps that goes through cloudflare doesn’t use any of your monthly bandwith.


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