How much can i trust cloudflare workers for production use?

i’m trying to make the next google :slight_smile: and would like to invest my time in the programming everything into cloudflare workers.

will have all important data on cloudflare workers.

can i trust cloudflare 100% on this?

in another slightly related issue, if it’s user generated content, i cant guarantee if they will write bad words etc so what’s the next best course of action to take? i mean i cant control what users upload but will remedy the situation asap when i can

That’s up to you. We all have important data that goes through Cloudflare. Workers is no different.

That’s like most websites…and this community. Cloudflare knows this and expects webmasters to be reasonably responsible to keep their site legal. Terms of Service (2.7) outlines these expectations:

EDIT (Just to keep OP happy): Trust me, you can trust Cloudflare 1000%. Just like their double-your money back 100% uptime guarantee on the free plan.

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i was kind of expecting response like…
"of course u can trust cloudflare 100%. we hv 99.999999% uptime guarantee, we are the best in the world. you can even program and time your pacemaker on cloudflare and we encourage it. "

but the response is kind of close enough and will work for now.

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Oh, they do! With an Enterprise plan a lot is possible :wink:


These folks do, Using Cloudflare, case studies galore!, lots of sites built with workers (, and internally we use Workers all the time.