How many websites should be added on one Cloudflare account?


I have just created one Cloudflare account. It seems like I can use one account for multiple websites and domains.

My question is should I use just one Cloudflare account for all of my websites and domains or is it better to generate different Cloudflare Accounts for different websites and domains? Which way is better and why?

Hi @wealthsuccesscorp,

If you manage/own all the websites, you can probably add them all to one. If you manage websites for clients, it’s probably best to have a separate account for each client and then give access to your main one. Otherwise, you will not be able to give access to your client if needed, as it would give all the domains in your account.


I tend to group sites into CF accounts based on topics or themes for domain names which is just a personal preference. You can lump all sites into one CF account too.

One valid reason to separate domain sites to different CF accounts is due to CF Domain Registrar billing/auto renewals which don’t have the best invoicing/email communication so if you have many domains in one CF account and domain registrar auto renewal comes up, you may find it harder to figure which credit card charges relate to which domains as not all CF email invoicing/billing list the domain it’s auto renewal charge is for. Then you can setup email filters based on CF account email the emails are sent to.

See my feature improvement request at Domain Renewal Notification/Confirmation Emails - Add domain name


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