How many websites is included on the Pro plan?

I just signed up for a pro plan.

I have 3 Wordpress sites I want to sign up to use the WP optimizer on it.
I also have 2 static sites I wish to use Pages for.

Is that covered under the Pro plan?
Or is it 1 sites per Pro plan?

Its 1 Domain/ZONE pro plan.
So if you do have a setup like this: (Site 1) (Site 2) (Site 3) (Site 4)

You would be able to make all 4 sites/installations profit from your one Pro-Plan.

But if your setup is like: (Site 1) (Site 2) (Site 3) (Site 4)

You would need 4 Pro-Plans to make all 4 sites (different Domains) profit from the Pro functions

SHORT: its paid on Domain base


I understand. that makes sense.
but also expensive :slight_smile:

Depends… I earlier used to have a domain setup like this:

And thought about buying Pro-Package. But decided not to do so as I first restructured my setup like this: =(301)=> =(301)=> =(301)=>

After these redirects one is able to host all the installations (which indeed was just one installations, but many entrypoints) on one domain and now you would just have to pay one Pro-Package.

Also on every paid plan you can setup/create unlimited subdomains which ALL profit from the purchased functions.

Maybe you’ll find this workaround helpfull if your 3 installations are somehwat connected and related to each other. If not you most probably will have to purchase a Pro-Üackage for each of your domains seperately

Ah ok I understand.
Thank you.

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