How many visitor requests will be accepted by Cloudflare and not be considered as an attack and will not be blocked in the end?

With an upcoming product release in our online shop, we are expecting about 5000-10000 unique visitors at once when the shop opens.
We are using Cloudflare’s Pro Plan, WordPress and WooCommerce. Via the Cloudflare WordPress Plugin I already set Cloudflares Security Level to “Essentially off” (does this actually make any sense in terms of friendly visitors not beeing blocked?).
The shops home page, product overview page and each single product page are cached by Cloudflare.
So I just want to be sure about the rush of visitors at the moment of opening the shop not beeing considered as attack and each visitor will reach the shops home page.

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Just seeing this now, curious if you’ve gone live yet or not and can share the domain name? I’ve not seen an incident where we’d misidentify traffic to such a degree. Traffic is challenged or blocked based on your dashboard settings.

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