How many TPS(terminal proxy server) cloudflare can handle?

We are doing telecom business. We would like to use one of our subdomain service will have 80TPS to provide blast services to consumer. So I have two questions regarding this,

  • can Couldflare handle 80TPS?
  • If we use that kind of service, will couldflare treat those as ATTACK?

Thank you. Hope someone can help me out.

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By Default Cloudflare doesn’t proxy any other protocols than http(s).
There’s a way to proxy anything with Spectrum to support SSH.

Btw: Cloudflare handles millions websites. So i am pretty sure that they can handle your 80 TPS. :wink:


“Blast services” sounds a bit spammy though

Call blasting is a telecommunications technique that broadcasts pre-recorded phone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. Commercial phone messages can be broadcast to customers in bulk fashion or emergency notification alerts can be delivered to members of a community.

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Indeed. In a good manner it could also be the emergency thing. We use auch a service for or company as well for alerting. If they run illegal stuff i am sure they will be shut down ^^

Others use auch things to shut down scam callcenters :rofl:

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Thank you so much @MarkMeyer. Your comment do help me a lot.

@sandro yes sound spammy but we do have millions of subscriber in our services. that’s why I’m just make sure that couldflare can handle or not.

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Couldflare probably can handle it, but you really should contact support or your enterprise account resource with your use case to make sure it’s something CF is OK with.


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