How many sites can be created with Workers Sites per account?


I wanted to ask, what is the maximum amount of sites that can be deployed as Worker Sites? Can I deploy 100+ static sites in one account?

It says the ‘Number Of Scripts’ is 30 under the limits section, but what does this refer to exactly?

I’d also like to run some JS logic for each of my sites, on each incoming request before it serves the static pages. This logic/code will be the same across all sites.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It is 30 scripts, which then is 30 Worker Sites.


If I’m not mistaken, the script limit was raised to 100.

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Also, I believe you can ask for an higher limit via a support request.


Yeah, in-officially, there’s basically no limit.

30 limit for now, but the Enterprise team can make magic.