How many requests can Cloudflare servers tolerate?

Ok, I have a question: How many requests can Cloudflare servers tolerate before they simply cannot take it anymore?

In other words, how many RPS (Requests Per Second) can Cloudflare tolerate before issues (or failure of servers) begin to occur?

At least 32,000,001 apparently.


Yeah probably only a small fraction of what CF can handle and doesn’t even include the new datacenters they just spun up !

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Though that was probably not one single PoP. @AppleSlayer, were you referring to Cloudflare’s overall network or a single PoP?


In that case @cscharff just gave you the minimum :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, Cloudflare has a highly distributed network across the globe.

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So even if one server gets overloaded, it will divert traffic to another functioning server? I.E: Dallas sever fails > gets diverted to another nearby functioning server?

Also, the same thing applies if there is an outage (which is basically a failure) of a server, correct?

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