How many page rules do I need?


I learn that Page Rules speed up the website quite a lot from Cloudflare video tutorial but it’s quite difficult for me to understand the whole thing.
I have a normal magazine site and it has content updated daily.
How many page rules should I need to make my site more secure and faster?
My site: (already on Cloudflare)
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Usually nothing, apart from setting SSL mode to Full or, even better, Full (Strict) if you have a valid certificate on your server. There are various things, but for basic security, especially on the Free plan, the default is ideal.

I would recommend enabling the “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” if not already active. You should also fix your mixed content issues, all links to resources (images, scripts, styles, etc.) should be directly embedded with https:// or agnostic //.

Here the most problematic resource is actually the home page. I would improve the server first, that’s for sure. 4s is a lot of time to wait for HTML. Second implement a Cache Everything with a long Edge and Browser Cache TTLs rule on all paths that do not change (styles, scripts which have versioning in the HTML), this may be possible using something like even though it can cause problems if the version doesn’t change, the second version should be more restrictive.


This may be problematic if you have only a few page rules since every URL is one. The best solution would be to have a Cache Everything rule on everything (**) and then vary the max-age in the Cache-Control header from the server itself.

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