How many IPs does cloudflare give me and they are also static?

I have moved my site to cloudflare and I see that cloudflare gave me new Public IPs
Example: Original IP x.x.x.1 New cloudflare IPs x.x.x.2, x.x.x3

1.-My question is, the new IPs are static, will they never change?
2.-do I have a way of knowing in the dashboard what ips cloudflare gives me?
3.-I have seen that cloudflare gave me 3 IPs, will it give me more IPs?

Thanks for your help

  1. They could change in rare circumstances, but for all intents and purposes they are static.
  2. No
  3. Free plans used to only get two, then randomly free plans got 3 and in most if not all cases are back to two addresses again. Pro plans seem to get 3, Enterprise gets 5 but all Cloudflare IP’s are anycasted so it doesn’t make any difference whether you have one IP or 10.

My enterprise domains had 5 addresses a few years ago, but they all have 2 now. And they have changed on average once a year.

The 3 address change was explained on Twitter, but not all domains have three addresses:

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For me it’s always 2 IPv4 and 2 IPv6 (4 total). I’ve never seen 3, or 2, unless you count IPv4-only.

I remember asking ages ago here Proxy IP Addresses

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someone know if I exists a tool get all IPs that have my domain?

Is there a problem you are trying to diagnose? Any Cloudflare will successfully respond to requests for any domain active on Cloudflare. The list of domains that share an IP will change regularly.

I ask why I need to know the IPs so that my clients give them access to their firewall, I think I will send a ticket to cloudflare

Dropping the reply from support to close out this thread

You can use for example DNS checker, it will give you the IP’s your zone is resolving:

DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool
DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Due to the nature of our network we may change the IP’s without further notice.
The only way to keep the same IPs it’s on Enterprise plan with static IP’s feature.

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