How many hour it take to propagate DNS?


How many hours does it take to propagate DNS? As I am not able to verify my domain in google suite account. My domain is active.


DNS records typically propagate in under 30 seconds globally. You can try purging Google’s cache if they have an incorrectly cached value: Their internal checking tool seems to not do fresh DNS queries against root servers when it checks so the tool itself may take an hour or two to update in my experience.

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It has taken upto 24 hours in some cases for some domains I manage on cloudflare, albeit not very often that happens. It really is just a matter of luck but if their have been a lot of changes in a short time especially name-servers it can just take a while. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank rspjarvis, I will try it out again after 72 hour.


Thankyou so much cscharff

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