How many GB of data can be delivered with each CDN plan?

How many GB can I deliver per month with each of the Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans?
Will there be additional charges if there are too many accesses?
Even when I looked at the URL below, I couldn’t figure out the cost for the amount of access.

There are no defined limits on the Pay As You Go Plans (Free, Pro and Business). Enterprise plans are custom priced based on the users requirements. Plans are differentiated by the features they offer and the level of support available, and not by volume of content you are delivering.

In general, if you are using Cloudflare for “normal” websites, with a “normal” amount of visitors, then you will be unlikely to have an issue on a plan appropriate to your business.

If you are really on the wrong plan for the volume of traffic somebody will contact you.

If you plan on delivering large amounts of video or other very large assets you will be in trouble on any plan. What is your use case?

I can’t decide which plan to choose because I don’t know the approximate number of GB that can be distributed with each Cloudflare plan.
I also can’t speculate on how the costs will differ compared to CloudFront or Akamai.
I would like to know the approximate capacity that can be distributed with each Cloudflare plan.

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