How many files (URLs) can be purged on a paid plan with one API call?

There was a similar question here How many paths can be purged with the API at once? , but the answer there points to a URL which does not exists any more.

No limits for URL purge is mentioned here , and Purge by single-file (by URL) here only have this:

The single-file purge rate limit for the Free subscription is 1000 urls/min. The rate limit is subject to change.

Tested on the Business plan and can confirm that 30 URLs per request is still correct.

Too bad that only mentions tags, hosts, or prefixes, but not URLs:

You may purge up to 30 tags, hosts, or prefixes in one API call.

Also raised an support ticket and receive a confirmation from Cloudflare about 30 URLs per single API call limit.