How many domains I can register or host with cloudflare on free plan?

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How many domains I can register and host with Cloudflare on free plan, can I have for example 2000 domain on Cloudflare and use the email relay similar to what I can do with google domains.

how many domain I can have in my account in Cloudflare when I am on free account.

Also can I have mine and my client domain?

cannot understand the limits on free account?

your help will be greatly appreciated


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I am not sure if you being sarcastic here, but thanks for sharing this page. I have already read this but I am not able to find clear mention about domain on how many domains I can have in my free account.

have you found this mentioned on the page? as I am unable to find that


70+ as far as I know :wink:

Helpful articles:

Since the question is similar to this one, kindly read more information about here:

I am not aware what Google domains offer, but Cloudflare E-mail Routing is E-mail forwarding service so not an actual “email relay” and you cannot send e-mails in the name of [email protected] once you activate that feature.

Despite the fact, you can use Cloudflare Spectrum if you wish to protect your e-mail origin IP and port. The e-mail related hostname (DNS records) do not work with proxy mode :orange:.


This has come up a few times, good thread here

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thanks @fritex for such a detailed response

just one last thing


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