How many DNS A Records can a domain have for subdomains?

I am planning to create a website, which have subdomain for each user. If we use wildcard subdomain, its not https. To make the subdomain https, we need to add a A record in DNS. Is there any limit for number of A records/subdomains? if so, what is the limit? Is there any better alternative way to fix this?

Hi @webglits,

The number of subdomains isn’t specifically limited, but the total number of DNS records you can have is limited to 1000 on the free plan and 3500 on paid plans (Enterprise can request an increased limit, but also have access to proxied wildcards).

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I am okay to buy a ssl certificate for my domain (with support to unlimited subdomains), is there a way to make all my sub domains secure, without adding them as separate A records?

Please suggest a way to make all my sub domains https. I cant go for a paid plan as of now. But, I am willing to buy ssl certificate or any small one time payment. Please help.

The only way to do it without paying for the Enterprise plan and without adding A records via the dashboard or API, would be to add a wildcard record set to :grey: that bypasses Cloudflare. You would then need to handle everything on the server and the subdomains wouldn’t be using Cloudflare.

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