How many devices need DNS? 1 or all


I have a quick question to rule out if is my culprit to not. When setting up the DNS should it only be set up for and on the device I am using? or should it also be applied to the routers? would it make a difference?

ASUS Cable Modem → Apple Router

my apple router has DNS nothing else does. just trying to understand all this.

I believe the best way, if you have an option to put and into your custom DNS on your router, you are good to go.

Moreover, you can also use Cloudflare DNS resolver in for example Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which have that option.

In any case, you can add them in your Network configuration of your Operating System (if allowed to change DNS servers for your network connection).

Thanks for the reply so I already have it set to the router in my room, not the main modem router. So I guess lastly would have DNS on both my computer and the router causes issues or no?

As far as I do not see any issues, I have added and to my DNS servers in my ruter settings.
Moreover, also added in my Windows PC network connection.
Lastly, using Firefox with Cloudflare resolver.

So, all thre options, works like a charm.

Maybe, you would need to restart your ruter due to the DNS cache on ruter itself, moreover try clearing your Web browser cache after the change to see if it works.

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