How many datacenters does Cloudflare have, exactly?

I have checked the Cloudflare Network Map and there are 165 locations listed on the map. But in Cloudflare Status Page there are only 164 data centers.

And even stranger, there are two data centers listed in the Cloudflare Network Map but not listed in Statuspage:

  • Columbus, US
  • Philadelphia, US

And they are both belongs to ten new data centers mentioned in Cloudflare Blog.

There is also a data center

  • Casablanca, Morocco - (CMN)

which is not listed in Cloudflare Network Map but in Statuspage.

Now I am completely confused.


Good sleuthing!

I’m pretty sure the Network Map and Status Page are maintained by two groups. So they don’t always push updates in sync. The three datacenters you list are all very new. I expect those references will sync up soon. Just in time for more deployments to get them out of sync again.

So, to answer your question: They have exactly 165. Or thereabouts. :thinking:



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Cloudflare has datacenters that are unknown even to Cloudflare itself! :sunglasses:



As I have checked recently, Columbus, US was added to Cloudflare Statuspage as Data Center (CMH).

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