How many Analytics GraphQL API calls can I make?

Does the following limit also apply to analytics GraphQL API?

How many API calls can I make? – Cloudflare Help Center.

All calls through the Cloudflare Client API are rate-limited by Cloudflare account to 1200 requests every 5 minutes.

I’m confused since i couldn’t find anything here:

Are you considering making more than 4 calls per second? The endpoint is still the Cloudflare API, so I don’t see why the type of call matters as far as limits are concerned.

The endpoint is still the cloudflare api but Cloudflare Client API does not list GraphQL API. Instead they give a Deprecation Warning for the current API and direct us to another page.

Please use the new GraphQL Analytics API instead: It provides equivalent data and more features, including the ability to select only the metrics you need. Migration guide:

And as per the limit I mentioned above, it is only applicable to Cloudflare Client API

You can include cost (from Query) and budget (from viewer) in every query to return a cost score for a single response, and how much cost budget you have remaining, respectively