How many "advanced" certificates do I need?

I’m using a Cloudflare Worker connected to a custom domain, and I just noticed that I have three different advanced certificates issued, and a few visitors are having issues accessing the site. Do I need all three of these? And is it recommended to also keep “universal” SSL enabled?

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I’ve removed all of these and replaced them with a single “advanced” certificate. However, the issues that were occurring prior this post are still confusing. A few of my visitors are unable to access the domain, and I’m unsure why.

So the Community has a better understanding, can you share with us the reason you are using advanced certificate management instead of the universal certificate? At the time, I didn’t add these myself. They were apparently added by Cloudflare after I set up a dedicated custom domain for my worker. I did originally have three distinct custom domains configured –,, and, so I imagine that’s why three were created.

After a few more days thinking about and exploring this, I think I understand why there were three created and don’t think this needs anymore attention.


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