How many 301 redirects can we do using Cloudflare and with what plan


We are moving a blog from Wordpress to Kajabi (another popular cms system)
We need to redirect 300+ old blog post links (bookmarked, indexed, linked to from articles) to their new home at Kajabi.

How many 301 url redirects can we do and with what Cloudflare plan? Would we need to enter every older URL in one at a time and then point them to their new destination?


at wordpress would point to:

at Kajabi.

We would then do the same for the other 299+

Note: We will be using the same domain name at the new host also.


If they all have the same pattern like that, you could set up a page rule like:

match*/*/*/* -> forwarding URL (301) to$4

This would most likely work for redirecting old articles to new ones.

Actually the blogs entries would have a path similar to and the rest of the site would be

It sounds like, based on your example, we would need two rules with that wildcard * you mentioned

Do you know if Cloudflare would need to host our entire dns record (and replace godaddy) in order to make this work?


To use Cloudflare on a domain, you need to use Cloudflare’s name servers for that domain…unless you’re on an Enterprise plan.

Thank You for the response. Much appreciated

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Much appreciated!

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