How long will take of transferring a domain

I am now try to transfer my domain from namecheap to Cloudflare, but something went to wrong yesterday and I found the lock button in namecheap of my domain locked again. It also lead to fail of transferring to Cloudflare.
Now the progress shows “something goes wrong”, I unlocked again but I don’t know how could I do to transfer again, Cloudflare took my 20 USD for the domain, I wouldn’t want my money lost, Please help me

Thank you for reading my long description

Hi sorry for the trouble, if the tranfer does not happen, the billing team will make sure you will not be charged. On the overview page of the domain in the lower right, do you see a retry option?

Edit: I see the transfer is in process, if you see errors on the namecheap side, you should contact them, but it looks to be in process


Thank you very much.
After I polished this issue, I found I should close some functions in Namecheap (whois guard) and the process went smoothly again. All needs are written in the readme page, sorry for bothering you

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Hi @a2d8a4v, thank you for sharing the insight on namecheap, that is really appreciated. And, I am sure it will make life easier for someone else down the line when they see the tip! Stop back and let us know how it’s going.

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Hello, I think is that for some users didn’t know the Whoisguard in Namecheap will lead to fail on proccessing for transferring domain, maybe Cloudflare could add one more vertification on domain which we typed, find out whose the domain host and show the tips at the same time. I think Cloudflare could avoid some little clam from customer about transferring domain

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After closing the Whoisguard function, transferring proccess went smoothly by itself, and all the steps was done at the same day

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